Should You Call an Interior Decorator?

Unless you are among the fortunate few that can literally do it all, then the short answer is, yes! Many of us, myself included, are pretty good DIYers. Even still, when I want something done right the first time, I call in the Pros. Many of us use professional landscapers, painters, electricians and plumbers. So why hesitate to use an interior design professional? Whether you are giving a much-needed facelift to your existing home or purchasing a new one, an interior design professional is a must for today’s busy homeowners who want to achieve a beautifully designed custom look for their home.

Some homeowners fear that if they use a decorator, that their home will reflect the decorators taste instead of their own. To the contrary, a professional decorator is a teammate in the process – helping you push the envelope a little to ensure you achieve the high-impact result that you want.  Your decorator is trained on how to approach your project and utilize your budget in the most efficient way, ensuring you get the most out of your decorating dollars.

Interior Decorator Century Masculine Living Room

Don’t be fooled by what you see on reality TV decorating shows. They are ALL staged. They have big teams and big budgets to ensure that the end product is, well, made for TV perfect.  In the real world putting together your dream home is time consuming, expensive and seldom does EVERYTHING go according to plan. It’s more than just perusing samples and shopping for new furniture, your decorator not only designs, but takes care of all the ordering, managing and tracking of deliveries and installation.  If you want, she/he can do this while you are away on vacation or at work!

There are a host of other reasons to use an interior decorating professional including access to unique products and materials and avoiding costly mistakes while streamlining the entire process. The list of benefits could go on and on. The bottom line, however, is that a professionally trained interior decorator can not only make your ideas work better, but knows how to make your decorating dreams a reality! Maybe it’s time for you to consider calling in the professionals!

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