Ready for a new look? We're Back!

Working with a professional never goes out of style! We have safety measures in place, and are able to come to your home for an in-person design consultation.

I come to you with the Decorating Den large supplier network in the comfort of your own home. No lost weekends, no running around, no wonder DL Rich Designs Decorating Den is a premier in-home interior decorating service.

Meet Donna

Well-designed spaces are so much more than beautiful and luxurious. Your home or business should be a unique reflection of your personal style that, depending on its function, should help alleviate stress, increase energy, encourage productivity, stimulate creativity and promote a positive mindset. My goal is to work with a client to design this kind of space — to listen until we can uncover their passion; translate that passion into a vision, and the vision into a reality. Working together we design the right space, in the right style, with the right form and function for where they are in their life, right now.

For me being a member of the Decorating Den Interiors family is truly an honor. We have access to hundreds of manufacturers of fine furnishings and products for homes and businesses that enable us to work with a wide range of budgets, and our product knowledge and training is extensive and ongoing. Being a Decorating Den Interiors designer is not only personally and professionally fulfilling, but it offers an unparalleled, top-notch experience for the clients.


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